Seven years with the FLANZ Executive Committee

It’s a long time to serve with any group, but as a member of the FLANZ Executive Committee, the last seven years have been well worth it. And now that I’m stepping down, I’m not even prepared to go very far, as I continue to serve as Co-Editor of the FLANZ Flagship Journal, the Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning

The highlights of this Committee are threefold as far as I can see – it runs a valued Professional Association, works in a resoundingly topical subject area, and there is much joy and camaraderie working with the other Committee members to achieve things of interest to our profession.  

If anyone was ever in any doubt over the value of flexible learning (distance learning, online learning, open learning, or any flexible application or combination of these) prior to COVID-19, there is no doubt about its value now. These most recent years have meant flexibility over flexible learning itself is also needed, and the field is constantly pivoting to deal with new issues and ways of working as they arise. The pandemic led to much Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) and the FLANZ Executive responded with support for the transition not to ERT but to real flexible learning with its supporting theories, practical applications and nuanced deliveries. The more recent rise of ChatGPT and AI in educational settings has led again to leading professional discussions and webinars, and identifying quality resources to understand and harness the benefits of AI in education while minimising the downsides. Other things will be around the corner.

The FLANZ Executive Committee usually addresses issues head-on. And with a great team of energetic and passionate people, things just happen. It is the enthusiasm as well as the expertise of this group that makes it work. Everyone has the opportunity to take on a portfolio or a role, and we all get to play to our strengths to deliver a range of programmes, activities and resources to support the Flexible Learning communities in New Zealand and beyond. 

And with FLANZ’s biennial conference, a regular webinar series, an academic journal, blogs, newsletters, a professional pathways resource and other activities, there is always something happening and always a new way to connect with people working in online or flexible learning. 

To the FLANZ Executive Committee, it’s been great, and I’m genuinely sad to go. On the good side, it will leave room for someone else to step up to this role, and allows me to continue work with the Association’s Journal. It’s a win-win. For anyone reading this blog, this is your opportunity to be in for the win – consider joining in and being a part of the FLANZ Executive Committee. You can join a great team at a great time, and an AGM to make this all happen is just around the corner.

Note from the editor: It has been a pleasure working with you Alison. You contribution has been considerable and your work with JOFDL is invaluable.

FLANZ AGM Date Change to 24 August

The Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand (FLANZ) will be holding its Annual General Meeting via videoconference on 24 August at 12:15 – 1:00pm.

This is a change in date from the originally announced 20 July date
FLANZ invites all FLANZ members to attend this meeting. Members will receive the agenda pack and link to access the meeting ahead of the meeting.
The AGM will also be electing members to be part of the Executive Committee, and call for nominations for these, including the roles of President, Secretary and Treasurer. We strongly encourage anyone working in this area to consider joining our Executive Committee.
Please contact our current FLANZ secretary, Ralph Springett, to initiate the nomination process.

Nominations are open for 2023-2024 FLANZ executive roles

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand (FLANZ) will be holding its annual general meeting via videoconference on 20 July, 2023 at 12:15 – 1:00pm. The AGM agenda will be made available prior to the meeting.  

We would like to invite all FLANZ members and people with an interest in distance and flexible learning to attend this meeting.

Call for nominations

FLANZ is seeking nominations to be part of the Executive Committee. We strongly encourage anyone working in this area to consider joining our Executive Committee. As part of this, FLANZ is calling for nominations for the following elected committee positions.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The FLANZ Executive Committee page has detail about the executive function. Further detail will be provided as part of the nomination process. Please contact our current FLANZ secretary, Ralph Springett to make your nominations. Ralph will guide you through the nomination process. Note that:

  • Nominations must be with the Secretary by 06 July (14 days before the AGM).
  • Nominations may be taken from the floor during the meeting if there are insufficient nominees for the vacancies. 

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Ngā mihi

Ralph Springett

Secretary, FLANZ