ChatGPT in Education: New Resource on FLANZ Professional Pathways

Following the November 2022 launch of ChatGPT, a large language artificial intelligence chatbot, a huge amount of information, comment and discussion has been published. And not unexpectedly, some of this information and comment has been written using ChatGPT itself.

Early readers were not always aware of whose writing they were reading and even now, months later, more sophisticated uses are being harnessed which make the line between writing from a human and writing from ChatGPT difficult to distinguish from each other. Therein lies the problem. This has huge implications for the Education sector, among many others.

Students have ChatGPT available as a tool to assist their writing, which is disrupting the traditional models of assessment such as essay writing, while teachers now have a tool to streamline writing their lesson notes, course developers have a tool for writing new content quickly and consistently for any defined audience, and markers have a tool for assisting their feedback on submitted written work. ChatGPT is available, and it is up to educators to now determine how to best manage with this new player in the marketplace.

There are already 596,000,000 entries listed in a search on <ChatGPT> on Google and it is only 3½ months after the initial release of this software. To help you successfully navigate your way in this rapidly growing information resource on ChatGPT, Alison Fields (InfoSolutions Ltd, FLANZ Executive member) has provided you with a curated list of useful resources providing a solid introduction to AI in general, and ChatGPT in particular, in Education. This list is available in the FLANZ Professional Pathways under Current Topics: ChatGPT in Education.