Submissions are invited for Practice Papers and Posters.

The FLANZ 2021 Conference, in association with Massey University, invites submission of Practice Papers and Posters.

A Practice Paper:

  • The due date for Practice Papers is 01 February 2021.
  • Centres on an application in an educational setting. This might be research focused, a great idea, or an innovation related to the conference theme.
  • Includes evidential information to draw on to demonstrate its impact.
  • The Practice Paper submission is a total of 1,500 words including a 250 word outline.
  • Instructions and information about your presentation format will be included with the confirmation of your Practice Paper’s acceptance. You will be expected to provide your finalised presentation in early April.

The relation to the conference themes is part of the review of submissions. 

Previous (2020) submissions

If there has not been communication and agreement about the status of a previously accepted submission, presenters  are asked to make contact with


The date for poster submission has been changed to 15 February 2021. Please provide a 250 word abstract for your poster by 15 February and a digital copy of your poster by 01 April. 

  • AO portrait
  • Minimum of 16 point font size for body text
  • A dedicated forum for poster presenters to discuss their work is included in the programme.
  • For digital poster presentations, where you are attending the face to face event at Victoria University of Wellington, you will need to bring your own display device.

Submission process

Further information and submission templates are available here: 

Conference Themes

Expectations of modern learners include technology use in learning and teaching, flexible learning environments and programmes that allow anywhere anytime learning. The conference focus on flexible learning aims to illuminate learning and teaching research and inquiry that steps beyond the expectations of a 21st century learner.

Conference Sub-Themes

Flexible futures

Here, we move beyond questioning flexible learning to embrace its extraordinary potential. We seek to understand how educators are approaching wicked challenges of access, equity and ubiquity of learning.

Flexible models

Here we turn our attention to matters of curriculum, pedagogies and practice that have the power to disrupt conventional methodologies when augmented by new technologies and new thinking.

Flexible pathways

Flexible Pathways is about transitions and the challenges of bridging those transitions for learners: transitions within learning pathways, across sectors, and between sectors.

Registration for FLANZ 2021 Conference

Presenters are encouraged to register early. Presenters have the option of presenting remotely, presenting via satellite venue, or presenting from the primary venue in Wellington.

Register for FLANZ 2021 Conference here