Providing Student Support at a Distance

Lynnette Brice discusses the stages, processes, and challenges of designing and implementing a new student support model for Open Distance and Flexible Learning.

Summary of webinar themes

Why do students exit from on-line flexible learning?  Lynnette draws from the work of Vincent Tinto and Ormond Simpson to explore reasons why students might drop out of on-line learning without completing qualifications.

Developing a tiered support model: In this webinar Lynne describes how a tiered support model can address many of the issues surrounding retention and completion in on-line learning. The tiered support model has three levels: an institutional or organisational level, a programme or course level, and a targeted student level.

Challenges and implementation:  Lynnette provides an overview of some of the challenges and stages of implementation for the tiered support model and opens the conversation for discussion with the audience.

About Lynnette Brice

Lynnette Brice is Vice-President of FLANZ and currently The Professional Practice Leader at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, previously Head of School Foundation & Bridging.

In the past Lynnette worked as Director of Karanga Mai Teen Parent College, which won the Prime-Ministers Excellence in Education Focus prize in 2016 and in 2015 Lynnette received the Fulbright Distinguished Teaching Award to study in the USA.

Currently, Lynnette is working towards an education doctorate focused on the emotional experiences of second-chance learning.

By Flexible Learning NZ