Recap: Panel ‘AI is here to stay: Part 2’

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On 4 July 2023, FLANZ and EdTechNZ hosted part two of the panel ‘Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay: It’s impact on online, flexible, and distance learning’. We brought back panellists from our first panel conversation on AI on 18 May 2023, and expanded the panel to include more of the school sector.

We’d like to thank you panellists for an engaging conversation, answering the questions from the audience who got to weighty questions very quickly and asked, for example, “What would you personally like to see included in legislation around AI, to protect indigenous knowledge and self-determination?” Our panellists also tackled questions around establishing of rules and regulation specifically targeting artificial intelligence, the usefulness of adding AI literacy to the already existing literacies, what their own experiences are with AI, and where they themselves have observed changes since the first panel.

You can watch the recording of this conversation, read the transcript, and connect with our panellists:

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