Thank you for a successful AGM

Screenshot of AGM 2022 meeting
The 2021-2022 Annual General Meeting was held on 09 June, during which the 2022-2023 FLANZ committee was elected, including all officers other than the Treasurer.

The meeting thanked the previous executive committee, and noted the mahi completed during the 2021-2022 year. The contribution of our administrator Kalina Vladinova-Aylor, who had provided support for the committee over the last eight years, was noted. Kalina has decided not to continue in that role and the membership thanked her for the substantial contributions she had made to FLANZ over that time.

The AGM welcomed the 2022-23 executive group, which included two new members. We are a small voluntary association and rely entirely on the time and commitment of volunteers from our community to allow us to function. We are grateful to those colleagues who are willing to dedicate a portion of their valuable time in the interest of the wider community.

The refreshed strategic plan was noted as a more focussed guiding document. It seeks to target enhancements to member services recognising the limitations on resources, principally executive committee member’s time commitments.

The financial report was well received, with outcomes demonstrating the association’s ability to pivot to a blended conference and minimise the financial impact. FLANZ remains in a strong financial position going into the 2022-2023 financial year.

The Minutes of the AGM are available: AGM2022 Minutes