Congratulations 2021 FLANZ Award winners

The FLANZ Award

The FLANZ Award was shared between two equally deserving projects in 2021. As part of the Award recipients are asked to let FLANZ members know how the prize contributed to their research or professional development. We look forward to sharing that with you in the near future. Thank you to everyone who submitted.

FLANZ Award 1 – Ms Kim Baxter, Science Librarian, Massey University, Dr Linda Laven & Dr Kate Hill, Master of Veterinary Medicine, Massey University

The Awards committee said this “Flexible Pathways for digital information literacy – supporting digital information literacy progression in an online Masters programme”. The reviewers thought that an outstanding feature of this project was the close collaboration between teachers and librarians to achieve a highly learner-centred outcome. The project is well-documented through the practice paper that Linda Laven and Kim Baxter will be presenting at the FLANZ conference, and it has the potential to advance good practice beyond the project itself, as the methods used are clearly described and are transferable to many other subject areas and levels.”


FLANZ Award 2 – Dr Kwong Nui Sim, Auckland University of Technology & Dr Sarah Stein, Director, Distance Learning, University of Otago

“Enhancing the Roles of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in Doctoral Research Processes”. The reviewers found that the project had a solid grounding in the relevant literature and in qualitative research, and provides valuable evidence-based recommendations for practical steps which supervisors and learners can take to improve the doctoral study experience. You have been active in disseminating the project results clearly and widely through conference presentations, publications and a website, thus advancing the understanding of good practice in e-learning.”

The FLANZ Postgraduate Award

Roxanne, the FLANZ Postgraduate Award winner delighted delegates with her presentation and, later in the proceedings, entertained us all during the Great Debate. Well done Roxanne on a vibrant and engaged conference contribution.

Postgraduate award – Roxanne Hawi, Postgraduate student, Massey University

‘From Gimmick to Game Changer”: A Study on the Use of Smartphones to Expand Access to Higher Education in Developing Countries’.

Eva Heinrich, in support of the application said, “The conference presents Roxanne with rich opportunities to receive feedback on her work and to get insides for the next steps. The changes we all have experienced over the last year have been also felt acutely in Kenya and other Sub-Saharan countries. This makes Roxanne’s work even more relevant and any support we can provide her in furthering her research will contribute strongly to advancing education and opportunities in her home country and related regions.”