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Flexible Learning Definition:

Flexible learning offers learning experiences based on understanding the learners, enabling them to effectively achieve their learning outcomes and increase their choices of what, when, where and how they learn. The blend may include learning and assessment activities that are classroom-based, online or mobile, synchronous or asynchronous, self-paced, automated, or facilitated, and resource-based or non-resource-based.  A range of tools supports these activities, e.g. technology devices (including BYOD), learning management systems, social media.

FLANZ Lifetime Member Benefits

  • Discount on events and conference fees

Access to a knowledge base

  • Joint Membership of Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia (
  • FLANZ members have access to a broad range of curated resources, articles and research pertaining to open, flexible and distance education.
  • Includes the regular FLANZ newsletter to members, postings on the FLANZ blog, and the FLANZ journal.
  • ODLAA and FLANZ Webinar invitations.
  • In addition, FLANZ has a number of affiliations with professional organisations in other countries, adding to the breadth of the knowledge base available to FLANZ members.

Access to expertise

  • Members of FLANZ represent many of New Zealand’s nationally and internationally recognised leaders in open, flexible and distance education.
  • As a FLANZ member, you will become a part of the FLANZ community of practice, and be able to benefit from the experience and expertise of these members.


  • Through the work of its members and executive, FLANZ is recognised nationally for its work in open, flexible and distance learning.
  • Membership of FLANZ creates opportunities to become active in these areas and benefit from the profile gained.


  • FLANZ is represented through its members on a number of working groups and is often invited to advise on government policy and other initiatives.
  • As a professional organisation, FLANZ is able to represent a wide variety of those working in the sector, and be active in promoting the effective practice in open, flexible and distance learning.


  • FLANZ provides an ideal context for building collaboration among a diverse group of people working in the open, flexible and distance learning area.
  • As a strong promoter of networked education and the networked learner, FLANZ models collaborative approaches in all of its activity, including opportunities for collaborative projects between and among members.

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