Institutional Member

Institutional Membership is open to educational institutions, organisations and corporates working in the field of flexible learning.

We welcome your presence and influence in the FLANZ community of New Zealand educators as an Institutional Member. FLANZ is linked through national and international organisations, government agencies, and professional bodies to a global network of practitioners and influencers.

Institutional Members include universities, ITPs, school clusters and PTEs. Affiliate membership is open to government departments, corporates and others who share a belief in the quality enhancement of flexible learning.

FLANZ continues to be committed to making ako accessible to all and fostering high standards in the practice of open, flexible and distance learning in New Zealand. FLANZ’s focus is on understanding and improving the ways technologies are used to provide effective education in distance, online and blended learning settings.

Being an Institutional Member of FLANZ shows your support for the fostering of high standards in the practice of open, flexible and distance learning in New Zealand.
Affiliate members receive the following benefits of FLANZ membership:

  • A regular newsletter of flexible learning related and activities and events happening in the profession, nationally and internationally
  • Invitations to FLANZ events, including online seminars and the FLANZ conference held every second year.
  • Concessions for your staff attending the biennial FLANZ conference
  • Access to a members’ discussion group for like-minded professionals.
  • Notification of each issue of the Journal of Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning, our open online journal: JODFL
  • Have your brand featured on the FLANZ website, hyperlinked to your own website.
  • Contribute to the FLANZ newsletter with stories, articles and links to related activity within your organisation.
  • Advertise employment opportunities in your organisation through the FLANZ network.
  • Distribute communications from FLANZ to members of your organisation.

The cost of Institutional Membership is $500.00 + GST for two years invoiced on acknowledgement of your intention to renew organisational Institutional Membership.

If you have any questions about the benefits of supporting FLANZ, please contact Duncan O’Hara, FLANZ Vice President at

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