FLANZ 2021 Conference Programme

The FLANZ 2021 Conference, in association with Massey University, is please to issue the conference programme. Spaces are limited for the face to face option at Victoria University of Wellington – register now to avoid missing out.

The FLANZ 2021 Conference programme

The FLANZ 2021 Conference Programme sets out the speakers and presentations in a clear format to ensure you will be in the right place at the right time. The most up to date version will be available online here: https://www.flanzconference.org/programme

Joining Zoom sessions

Delegates will be provided with access keys to the Zoom channels. When delegates join they will be muted, but there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions towards the end of each session.

The FLANZ 2021 Conference Blended model

There will be a ‘Plenary’ Zoom channel and two ‘presentation’ channels. The plenary channel acts as the common room for the conference. The plenary channel provides messages and information as well as the welcome, keynote ad sponsors presentations. 

Delegates experience

Delegates (and presenters) start each day in the plenary channel, broadcast from the auditorium at Victoria University of Wellington. Greg Ward, our MC, sets the scene, keeps us on track and introduces keynotes. When the time comes for moving to the ‘presentation’ channels, directions are given.

Delegates onsite will move between rooms, those online may switch zoom channels. In some cases there may be a live presentation, in others, the Zoom channels will connect the presenter to the main venue, satellites and those engaging remotely.

Presenters experience

The presenter may be onsite (main venue or satellite room) or presenting remotely. Presenters are asked to arrive in the webinar channel (or room if presenting from Victoria University of Wellington) 5 minutes ahead of their scheduled time. They then present, and answer questions after their presentation has finished.

Registration for satellite venues now open.

Delegates are invited to register for attendance at satellite venues: Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Christchurch.

Once registered, delegates will receive confirmation and, closer to the event, we will be in touch to ensure you have the information you need.