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FLANZ Magazine has been bringing readers stories about open, flexible and distance learning for over five years. Nick McGuigan produced the Magazine during that time, continuing to do so even when he left Lincoln University and moved to a new position at Macquarie University in Australia. Nick has now decided he can no longer continue as Magazine Editor. FLANZ wishes to thank Nick for his tremendous effort over the past five years, starting, developing and continuing to build the Magazine into the practical, professionally oriented publication it is.

With a change in Editor, there comes a change in format and publication method. Rachel Whalley has picked up the reins and crafted a new-look Magazine for FLANZ for this issue. We hope you find these magazines interesting and enjoyable and we would love to receive contributions for future editions. If you have anything that you would like to submit for the magazine please get in touch with Rachel.

Please see below for the latest version of our magazine.

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logo-hailFLANZ Magazine 2016 July

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